Selecting Window Tinting For The Glass In Your Home

20 December 2022
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Tinting your home's windows to add additional protection from UV light is becoming more common. The ultraviolet light that the sun puts out can have many different effects on your home, and home window tinting is an effective way to combat some of the issues at a reasonable cost that may save you money over time.

New Windows

When buying new windows for a new home or a remodeling job, there are many options to consider. Getting glass with residential window tinting already installed can be a huge time saver, and the cost is often included in the price of the windows, so it is not something you need to deal with after the glass is in the house. 

Nearly all new windows on the market today have some level of UV light protection on the glass, but if you want a darker tint or a specific type of protection installed, you can request it when ordering. The windows made to your specifications may take a little longer to get, but if you are already buying custom windows from the manufacturer, installing the home window tinting material may not affect the timeline.

Check with the glass company you are buying your windows from, and they will help you select the best tinting and go over the timeline for new windows to arrive ready for installation.  

Replacement Windows

Replacing the windows in your home with updated or more energy-efficient models is a good time to consider your residential window tinting options. The replacement windows you are buying may be pretty standard in size, but you may be able to request a tint be applied before the window's installation. 

If you are getting replacement windows through a government program, you will often have a few options approved for your home, so talk with your contractor about tint options and if they are available. You can hire a residential window tinting service to come and apply the tint after the window installation, but often that service will require you to pay an additional cost. 

Updating Old Windows

Older homes with windows that are very specific to a time period or house style can still benefit from residential window tinting. The glass on the older windows is often not nearly as efficient as new materials, so adding a clear or light tint to the glass with a UV blocker can help reduce heat gain inside the home and lower the cost of cooling on hot summer days. 

Tinting the glass will not damage it, and most tinting services use films that can be removed if necessary without leaving any trace of the material behind. 

Reach out to a residential window tinting company to learn more.