Post Windshield Replacement Care Tips You Should Know

20 July 2022
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Although the windshield is one of the vital parts of your car, it is incredibly vulnerable. After all, it ensures you are protected from wind, dust, and pollution as you drive, taking on a lot of punishment over time. The screen also offers structural support to the vehicle's roof. Therefore, whenever the windshield is damaged, it's essential to fix the issue immediately. 

One of the options you may consider if the damages are beyond repair is windshield glass replacement. The success of the procedure is determined by how you handle the installation and post-care. Here is what you should do once professionals replace the screen.

Don't Close the Windows Completely

One of the reasons why new windshields crack is because of high internal pressure. When you close all the car windows, mainly when it's hot, air pressure will build up fast. This pressure will be exerted on the adhesive seals, damaging them. Therefore, you should roll down the car windows slightly to ease the internal pressure and avert a build-up. Also, try to avoid parking the vehicle under the hot sun rays for a while.

Avoid Removing the Windshield Tape

When installing a windshield, most technicians place a retention tape in the adhesive. This ensures debris and other environmental elements don't alter the drying process. Unfortunately, these tapes don't look good, so most drivers usually opt to remove them before they can drive away. This isn't recommended because it might affect the adhesive's effectiveness. A good rule of thumb is to let the retention tape stay for a day or more.

Don't Use Power Washers to Clean the Vehicle

Now that the vehicle feels complete after windshield replacement, you might opt to clean the car. Cleaning the car regularly is important, but you'll have to take a few days break after installing a new windshield. 

Most car wash centers use power washers that can easily displace the moldings. This means the adhesive that holds the windscreen in place will not set and dry properly, which will compromise the glass. So, avoid washing the vehicle, and if you must, you should opt for a standard hand wash.

Don't Slam Doors

You will need to handle car doors gently after replacing the windshield. If you slam the doors, the molding and adhesives may not cure properly, affecting the healing procedure. Once the seals are punctured, you will have to talk to the auto glass replacement technicians so they can install the windshield again. Therefore, it's better not to slam doors.