Undeniable Signs Your Glass Shower Door Needs Replacement

3 June 2022
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Shower doors are impeccable bathroom fixtures. Besides enhancing the bathroom's functionality by providing a detached bathing space, they can increase the property's value and improve lighting. 

But like any other thing, a glass shower door may give you trouble or show signs of wear and tear. When this happens, you might wonder if you need repairs or replacement. The truth is that repairs aren't always a viable solution, so it's better to replace the door. Here are signs it's time to get a new glass shower door.

Chips or Cracks 

Although the glass used to make shower doors is heat-strengthened, it may still chip or crack in some situations. Such damages may seem insignificant at first, but they can become severe and cause the door to shatter. Calling a technician to fill in the small chips and cracks may work for a while, but you will still need to plan how to replace the glass to prevent accidents.

When you see large chips or long cracks on your glass shower door, call your glass expert for advice. The professional will assess the damage and recommend replacement if the damages are extensive.

Tarnished Glass

If your shower glass was clear and sparkling when you installed it, you don't want the glass to change and become discolored. The same will apply if the glass panels are tinted or textured. However, your shower glass door material is bound to change over time due to the constant exposure to soap and hard water. This causes the accumulation of scum or stains on the glass surface.

What's more, the high levels of moisture in the bathroom can lead to mold growth. When exposed to hard water and soap scum, they will create a cloudy and grungy look. If the general appearance of your shower glass door has changed and your efforts to clean it aren't fruitful, it may be time to get another glass door.

Water Leaks

One of the primary functions of your glass shower door is to make sure that water is kept within the shower area. In case you start seeing water puddles on the bathroom floor after taking a shower, then it could mean that the seals, caulking, and gaskets are loose, have shrunk, or are worn out due to age. This water leakage problem may also occur when the door itself gets damaged. 

Since the escaping water damages the bathroom floor and other elements and poses a slip and fall accident risk, opt to replace the glass door. This is especially crucial if the repair costs are almost the same as a replacement. 

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