Installing A New Shower Enclosure

6 January 2022
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If you have decided to upgrade your home by installing a new shower enclosure, frameless options can be a popular choice. These shower enclosures can offer a pleasing aesthetic while still being functional and durable.

Are Aesthetics The Only Benefits Of Frameless Shower Doors?

A shower enclosure can greatly reduce the amount of water that is able to splash onto the floor and walls. However, the frame that is used to hold these enclosures in place may be fairly difficult to keep clean. This is due to the presence of small grooves and other crevices where enough dirt may gather to be difficult to remove. Additionally, many of these shower frames will be metal, which can be prone to corroding over the years. Both of these issues can be drastically mitigated by the choice of using a frameless shower enclosure.

Will Frameless Shower Doors Be Easier To Damage?

An assumption that can be easy to make about frameless shower enclosures is that they will somehow be easier to damage than traditional framed show enclosures. However, these enclosures are actually designed with extremely durable glass that will be unlikely to be easily damaged by routine use. The most common type of damage that these enclosures can experience will be chips and cracks from impacts. In many cases, these issues can be successfully patched to restore the appearance of the enclosure and to prevent these damages from spreading across the glass.

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Type Of Glass For The Shower Door?

The type of glass that you choose for your new shower enclosure will be an important consideration. There are many features that you can choose for your glass shower enclosure, and this can make it worthwhile to visit a showroom where you can see these options in person. For example, there are frosted glass options that will greatly improve the privacy of individuals using the shower enclosure. Additionally, the thickness and impact rating of these glass panels can be other important considerations.

Upgrading your bathroom with a new shower enclosure can be an important investment that makes your bathroom more attractive and more functional. To be sure that this upgrade goes smoothly for you, there are numerous considerations that will have to be weighed as you assess your options. Knowing the functional benefits of a frameless shower enclosure, that frameless enclosures are resistant to damage, and the factors to weigh when choosing glass panels for it can all be essential pieces of information as you navigate the process of making this upgrade to your bathroom.

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