Auto Glass Repair: Exposing The Facts Behind Common Myths

9 April 2021
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Many common myths surrounding the topic of auto glass repair actually originated with facts that have been misinterpreted or altered over the years as they were passed on from person to person. Due to their fact-based origin, it is very easy to understand why so many people have accepted these myths as truth. However, today you will learn the actual truth behind these common myths. 

The Myth: It is safe to drive your vehicle with a cracked windshield as long as you put tape over the crack

The Fact: This myth originates from the common advice that you should put tape in the shape of an "X" over a crack in your auto glass in order to prevent the crack from spreading. While this technique has proven somewhat effective in helping to reduce the risk of glass damage spreading, it is far from foolproof and will not eliminate the dangers that come along with driving with a cracked windshield. 

Driving any distance at all while your windshield is cracked puts you and the other drivers on the road in potential danger as your auto glass can shatter at any time once it has suffered damage. For this reason, it is important to always have damage to your auto glass repaired right away. 

The Myth: Damage to your auto glass will always require the glass to be replaced

The Fact: While some glass damage will result in the need for replacement, oftentimes this damage can be repaired using liquid glass. Putting off having these repairs completed because you are trying to avoid the cost of glass replacement does nothing but increase the overall odds that your glass will actually need to be replaced. This is because the longer auto glass is left damaged, the greater the chances are of this damage spreading to the point where the glass needs to be replaced. 

The Myth: You will need to wait an ended period of time before driving after having your auto glass repaired or replaced

The Fact: Another reason that individuals often put off getting their auto glass repaired is that they are worried about needing to take time off of work since they won't be able to drive their vehicle for several hours after it has been repaired. However, the truth is, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot drive your vehicle once the repairs are complete. In fact, most auto glass repair companies will even come to your job to perform the necessary repairs while you work. You will simply need to avoid things like car washes for a few days after having these repairs done in order to give the adhesive an adequate amount of time to cure. 

If your auto glass has been damaged, reach out to a professional who can repair it for you.