Add Security Window Film To Your Storefront

12 November 2020
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Valuable merchandise that is stored within view of people who are walking past your storefront could prompt someone to attempt to break into the premises. Commercial window film is a product that can strengthen glass, increase privacy, and complement your storefront's exterior.

Security Window Films

Tempered panes utilize chemical and thermal treatments to strengthen glass. If your business is lacking this type of glass or if you do have tempered panes installed, commercial window film that is classified as security film will add a layer of protection to the glass. Because an adhesive is used to attach the security film, if excessive force is used to strike the glass, the adhesive will stick to the pieces of glass that have been damaged.

The film will remain intact, preventing anyone from having easy access to the inside of your business. Security film products contain various UV protection ratings, which are dependent upon the amount of coverage that a film type provides. A darker type of film will block more light and make it difficult to see inside your business.

If you have currently been covering up some valuable merchandise at the end of each day, but aren't able to conceal everything in entirety, having window film installed will lessen the number of security preparations that need to be made.

The Selection And Installation Of Film

You won't really know what to expect, without viewing various tinting materials. A tint installer will provide samples of tint, which you can handle and inspect. The thickness of security tints varies and you can experience the durability of a product by holding it in your hands.

When viewing the samples, hold them up over a pane of glass. You can perform this exercise on the premises where your business is located if you have made arrangements to have a tint installer meet you onsite. When sampling the various types of tint, look at the color and texture of the siding that surrounds the windows to determine how a specific tint shade will complement the surroundings.

During the installation process, you will need to move items that are next to the area where the installer will be standing. Clean the glass panes prior to the installation. After the tinting process is complete, you may be advised to keep the treated surfaces dry for a couple of days. You will also be guided in caring for the tint, which will include using non-abrasive cleansers and cleaning aids.

For more information, contact a commercial window film service.