Take Care Of Your Auto Glass Issue While The Pandemic Has You At Home

26 May 2020
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Is there a crack in your windshield or anywhere else on your vehicle's auto glass? Have you been putting the repair job off because the crack doesn't look that big or dramatic? Perhaps you just don't have time to get your car to an auto glass shop? Whatever the reason, the current coronavirus pandemic may be an opportunity for you to finally get your problem taken care of. Yes, the pandemic is negatively affecting many people all across the world, but here's why this could also be the perfect time to get your car glass repair or replacement taken care of.

You No Longer Have the Excuse of Needing the Car for Work Everyday

If you have allowed an auto glass problem to linger, one excuse you might have used is the fact that you need your car as a daily driver and can't leave it at an auto glass shop in the middle of the work week. But if you, like many people, are now working from home because of the pandemic, you no longer have this excuse. If your car is just sitting in your driveway or garage almost all the time while you remain indoors, there's no reason not to get your issue taken care of right now. Some companies like Martin Glass Company, know that you can drop the car off at the repair shop, get a ride share back home and then return when it's done. It's not like you were going to go driving anywhere else anyway.

Yes, Repair Shops Are Open

Lots of businesses across the country are closed or are offering limited hours during the pandemic. But that's not a valid excuse when it comes to your local auto shop. Exact rules and regulations may vary by state, but in general, companies that offer auto services like gas or repair services for necessities like your mode of transportation will likely be able to schedule an appointment for you. You might have to wait longer than normal to get the car back or wait your turn because of limited availability of repair workers, but have a little patience and you will absolutely have your car fixed and ready to go when the pandemic ends and you start commuting to the office again everyday.

That Small Crack Could Turn Into a Big Crack at Any Time

The worst case scenario here is that you don't take advantage of your new found downtime and get the car's glass problem fixed while you have the chance. You don't want to start driving to work again and then have the crack suddenly expand the next time you hit a bump in the road. Contact a local auto glass repair shop today to get started