Three Common Frameless Shower Door Issues And Their Solutions

30 April 2020
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A frameless shower door can make your bathroom look bigger. Without the visual disruption of a bulky metal frame, your eye will be free to travel the entire length of the room. Frameless shower doors are built to last, but they may need tune-ups every so often. Here are three common issues that can be solved by a frameless shower door service:

1. Loose Clamps

Frameless shower doors are connected directly to your walls using hinges and clamps. During installation, your contractor will carefully align your shower door with the floor. Perfect alignment is necessary since there is no frame to keep water from spilling out. In order to keep water in your shower where it belongs, your contractor will install your frameless shower door as close to the floor as possible while still leaving enough room for clearance.

If your clamps become loose, you may notice that you're unable to open your shower door all the way. The floor may act as a door stopper in this situation. Never force the door open or closed because that can damage the glass. Instead, call a glass shower door service. A technician can readjust your clamps, tightening any that may have gotten loose. Once your door is back in position, it should open and close freely once more.

2. Misaligned Channel

Some frameless shower doors slide open and closed along a channel. This type of shower door is perfect for anyone who desires a more watertight seal in their shower. Your shower door should slide easily whenever you slide it along its channel. If you find that you need to apply more force because your shower door is sticking, you should call a glass shower door service.

A serviceman may need to oil your shower door channel to help it glide more easily. If extra lubrication doesn't solve the problem, your shower door may be misaligned. It's possible that your house may have shifted since your shower door was installed. If that's the case, your serviceman can remedy the issue by replacing or widening the channel that guides your shower door.

3. Malfunctioning Catch

The catch on your shower door is what keeps it shut after you close it. If your shower door is swinging open on its own, a worn out catch may be to blame. It may have gotten demagnetized or simply fallen out of alignment. A serviceman can easily replace or realign your shower door catch.

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